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Restaurant David

Restaurant David

Le Clos de la Glycine offers meals in its restaurant "David". We offer you a revisited, traditional and original regional cuisine. You will enjoy fresh produce from the region. Our chef Metty Talassia will put all his know-how to work to offer you “Return from the Market” and “Discovery” menus, as well as a varied menu that will delight your taste buds. Take a gourmet break in our hotel with restaurant in Roussillon during your expeditions with family, friends, as a couple or alone.


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Old tomatoes marinated in calamansi, fresh goat cheese, basil sorbet: 16.00

Flame-cooked red tuna, grilled eggplant caviar, < br> citrus salad, sweet pepper coulis: € 18.00

Roussillon snail sweets with herbs, creamy button mushrooms, yellow wine emulsion: € 20.00

Pan-fried duck foie gras, corn cream,

br> cherry vanilla chutney: € 23


Back of lean just seared condimented with peach, carrot purée with cardamom, green curry broth: € 28.00

Mediterranean barbet mullet, barigoule artichoke, zucchini caviar, herring, squid ink stew juice: € 32.00

Saddle of rabbit cooked at low temperature, coconut beans with capers, shiitake, sliced tarragon juice: € 29.00

Supreme of squab roasted on its chest,
legs in pastilla, sweet potato and apricot, carcass juice with galangal: € 32.00

Roasted Montbéliard beef fillet with garlic, candied potatoes and summer truffle, Périgord juice: € 39.00


The cheese plate matured by Carine Julien: € 13.00

Variation of lemon-verbena, black sesame shortbread refreshed with bergamot: € 14.00

Cherry and chocolate crunch, cherry caramel, Madagascar pepper sorbet: 14 , 00 €

Pineapple pavlova with pink berries, coconut cream,
rum-passion sorbet: € 14.00

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Return from market menu

42 euros

Old tomatoes marinated in calamansi,

fresh goat, basil sorbet


Flamed bluefin tuna, grilled eggplant caviar,

citrus salad, sweet chili grout


Lean back just grabbed seasoned with peach,

cardamom carrot puree, green curry broth


Rabbit rabbit cooked at low temperature,

coconut beans with capers, shiitake,

sliced tarragon juice


Lemon-verbena variation,

bergamot-refreshed black sesame shortbread


Cherry and chocolate cracker, cherry caramel,

Madagascar pepper sorbet

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Discovery menu

52 euros (without cheese) or 58 euros (with cheese)

Pan-fried duck foie gras,

creamy corn, vanilla cherry chutney


Roussillon snail candies with herbs,

Parisian mushroom cream,

yellow wine emulsion


Rouget barbet de Méditerranée,

barigoule artichoke, zucchini caviar, herring,

cuttlefish ink with cuttlefish ink


Roasted pigeon supreme on his chest,

thighs in pastilla, sweet potato and apricot,

galanga carcass juice


Cheese of the Shepherd


Pavlova pineapple with pink berries,

Creamy Coconut,

rum-passion sorbet

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Wines & champagnes

We offer a wide choice of white, red, rosé and champagne wines. You can buy a bottle or prefer a glass of wine. You will discover wines from the region: Luberon, Ventoux, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Côtes-du-rhône, Saint-Joseph and many others. Ask our waiters for advice on how to match your wine with your dish.

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Bistro side - Lunch under the Wisteria


Melon gazpacho with mango vinegar,
raw ham: € 14.00

Old tomato carpaccio,
Burrata and parsley: € 15.00

Quinoa salad with citrus and coriander,
ceviche de Dorade Royale: € 14.00


Fish of the day, carrots with honey from the Luberon,
white wine sauce: € 24.00

Tuna tartare with candied ginger,
mesclun and fries: € 25.00

Roast chicken supreme, pressed with summer vegetables,
olive tomato grout: € 23.00

Charolais entrecote, Maitre d'Hôtel butter,
sucrine and parsley casserole: € 31.00


Goat cheeses from our countryside: € 10.00

Fishing Tiramisu: € 12.00

Lavender crème brûlée: € 10.00

Seasonal fruit pie: € 12.00

  • BISTROT FORMULA at € 32:

Mango Vinegar with Mango Vinegar, Raw Ham


Supreme Roast Chicken, Squeezed with Summer Vegetables,

Olive Tomato Grout


Lavender Cream

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